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Maria trained as a psychotherapist ​in Spain and obtained a MSc in cognitive science by Edinburgh University, she has worked in the field of mental health in Scotland for over a decade and set up The Mind's Well in 2014 as social enterprise. In her previous position in a national charity she worked as the self harm coordinator and gained valuable experience and knowledge of the issues affecting people  who engage in self harming behaviours and those who look after them professionally or personally.  Furthermore she provided managerial developmental and strategic support to several projects.  Maria adheres to the code of conduct that is set up by the British psychological Society, COSCA (counselling and psychotherapy in Scotland) and COPAO (colegio Oficial de Psicologos de Andalucia Oriental in Spain.)

Nikky Byrne

  • Board member

  • Trainer 

Nikky has had mental health difficulties continually for the last seven years.  She has a history of self harming and attempting suicide a number of times.  She spent time in hospital on and off for a while, up until 2012 she thought that was going to be her life, using behaviours and finally succeeding in a suicide attempt, but then Nikky got the opportunity to go to the retreat hospital in York (The Acorn project), where she learnt DBT and how to be okay with herself and to communicate her struggles without using self-defeating behaviours, at this time last year, it was the first time in a long time that Nikky felt truly hopeful for her future and being able to do a job she can do well.  She delivers training in mental health peer support, self harm courses and suicide awareness. Nikky plans to go back to college to do complimentary therapies, "The Mind's Well is helping my dreams come true" watch Nikky's  interview on BBC Scotland news here

Kerry Stirling

  • Public Relations Manager 

  • Marketing

  • Facilitator

Kerry has experience of mental health difficulties and domestic abuse, she has passionately worked her way through many qualifications and courses over the years to enable her to help others that find themselves in similar situations.  Kerry has completed her introduction to counselling and training in harmonizing with Dawn Breslin.  Together they founded a Womans well-being club in Edinburgh, which we have now amalgamated with The Mind's well in order to offer a club to help woman raise their self esteem and confidence, although Kerry has completed The Mind's Well PDA in Mental Health peer  support work and the Mind's well training qualification, she is using her extensive PR and Marketing background to help The Mind's Well team as the new PR & marketing manager.  She is passionate about creating support services that are very much needed in Edinburgh and she  would like to help to change policies within the existing mental health system and other Mental Health support organisations, she possesses good leadership and organisational skills that will come in handy in her new role at The Mind's Well. (You can find out more about the wellbeing club under the wellbeing club tab above)

Marie Cisse Mamulova

  • Peer Education team Edinburgh

  • Trainer 

  • Facilitator

Marie has became a part of the peer education team at Mind's Well in 2020 and is very passionate about sharing more understanding of childhood and emotional/psychological trauma and its impact on our mental health. She is also interested in sharing her personal experience through education as being a ‘very intense, perceptive, sensitive and empathetic individual with a fast mind' and the mental health challenges and neurodiverse needs that often come with it. Marie also focuses on understanding the devastating effects of psychological abuse and has a deep rooted interest in understanding the phenomenon of narcissism. Marie's vision Is a society where all its members are recovery focused and trauma informed. 

In the past, Marie had a few different fields of interest, from computer programming to music. After moving to Edinburgh with her daughter in 2017 she has decided to focus on gaining more expertise in the field of mental health and coaching. She has became a trainer for the Mind's Well Recovery College, she is building her trauma informed life coaching business which combines with other freelance jobs. She is passionate about the amazing impact of music on people and writes a blog. Soon you can find more on her website - 

Marie is going to use her own experience with mental health challenges from her past as well as her knowledge mainly by co-designing and delivering CPD training opportunities for professionals. 

Marie is very grateful for the opportunity to work for Mind’s Well.

Gillian Tait 

  • Trainer 

  • Facilitator


Open Learning course - Mental Health Awareness

PDA - Mental Health & Peer Support

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