Routine can assist our mental health. It can help us to cope with change, to form healthy habits, and to reduce our stress levels. No matter what’s going on in our day, knowing that we will have our breakfast at 8am, go on a lunchtime walk, eat an evening meal around 6 pm, and then head to bed around 10 pm, can be a real comfort. The certainty of our routine can help us to manage the uncertainty that life can bring.

Mental Health affects us all in different ways but coping with daily life can feel more doable when we have a little structure in place to look forward to. But sometimes, things can feel overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

If you feel this is the case, then our new course, Taking the Driving Seat might be perfect for you.

This course will help you to educate yourself about your needs.

Mental Health conditions affect people in different ways, medication has different side effects for many people but this programme has been designed with you in mind. It will provide tools that will help you manage your symptoms and find the way to live a more fulfilling life.

We look into daily routines that help us to stay well, identifying early signs that things are getting out of hand, strategies to deal with crisis and post-crisis.

Things you should know:

● This programme is free during lockdown

● It is based on WRAP (Wellness and Recovery Action Plan)

● Start date: Monday 1st March

● Time: 14:00 to 15:30

● Duration: Six weeks

We hope to see you on Zoom!

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